Enough is Enough for the RUT


Vortex indicator has crossing low amplitude lines, expecting the green one to elevate. look at Macd histogram should turn upwards soon. Likewise RSI turn up at 50.

On price from top Dec 10 there is an A down, X complex, B up and C down on this flattish correction. But you have time to wait until the black Macd-line goes flat before entering.

$Btk, it may soon do something….


On price the daily is attempting a bear cross at a time when one should expect the histogram to drift into positive. Here on the weekly there is a large margin before one would expect the dreaded bear cross to appear. Its more like the lines are engaging in an airy kiss. Lets say its pretty neutral for now macd lines around the Zero mark, I would expect histogram to turn upwards here to, making it a neutral with a large plus intermediate term.

On price an abc up will take it to just shy of 4000, I will go for that…



Is this humane ?


Due to a wish of upholding the Paris agreement on greenhouse gas limitations, refugees from Afghanistan is sent back home to the hellhole they recently departed. They can not pay for both….The politician above, Trine Skei Grande is directly responsible for reducing CO-2 emissions by 600 000 tonnes.


Additionally the Gov caused a mass exodus from refugee camps by announcing they might be sent back. They are now living randomly in the Capitol Oslo without any funding. Their misery is made worse by the day. Thats how the society create criminals, you have to steal to keep alive. This is total incompetence, its inhumane.

Rut, how strong are you really..


RSI, bowing its neck at the 70 level, not at all surprising. Macd is also line-wise testing the 2014 resistance. Although the count on macd 1 up- abc-x suggests 2 up is ONGOING. Trix also turning up from an already elevated position.

Price-wise is this first of 3 from Feb 2016 bottom, small retrace then BANG 2 of 3 ?

Lets smash the oscilliator resitance and roof it. Good luck all.


FTSE, not a good deal yet…


Taking into the consideration the fall of the currency, the index hasnt performed for the last two years. That said 2 +2 and primary 3 might really steam up. Sure if this is accompanied by further currency decline there are still better places to put your money to work. At any rate, the holders of GDP alone will ultimately be the most diluted.

Stagflation ahead, for Europe in particular. Thats what happens when the only thing you can grow is the public sector.